The right eye of horus

the right eye of horus

The Eyes of Horus. “Let the Eye of Horus come forth from the god and shine outside his mouth.” The Pyramid Texts. Horus “who rules with two eyes”. In ancient. The Eye of Horus was considered one of the most powerful amulets in Ancient Egypt and is still used. The story of the Eye of Horus and what it symbolized. At some point, the right eye of Horus, with its solar symbolism, was naturally associated with Re, and became the Eye of Re (Ra). Re was said to be the " father of. the right eye of horus

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A variation of the Eye of Horus is the all-seeing eye or the mystical eye in the Great Seal of the United States, most commonly seen on the dollar bill. According to later traditions, the right eye represented the sun and so is called the "Eye of Ra" while the left represented the moon and was known as the "eye of Horus" although it was also associated with Thoth. Hathor was daughter of the Sun god. He was obsessed with getting rid of Osiris. It is popularly divided into six pieces while used as a protective amulet, representative of the broken pieces of the damaged eye.



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